The Seattle native, Keasha Beard, is rising far and wide in the music industry.  Keasha’s primary goal is to feed the spirit and nourish the heart by promoting love and hope. She has been in the music business for less than 3 years and has already made HUGE progress.

Keasha Beard’s first mixtape, Memoirs of a Keasha, touched all over the United States, France, and Africa. She continued her momentum with her second release, Transform.

Keasha Beard’s official album, Soul Food, grabbed the attention of many with her soulful voice and witty lyricism. The Seattle Public library added Soul Food to its “Playback Online Collection.” Her most recent release, Different, is launching her into a successful career.
Her music has been featured on many blogs and websites such as Rapzilla, Respect My Region, NewH20, Rap Remnant, and much more!

Keasha has performed at the Trailmix Festival as well as the Northwest Folklife festival. Keasha’s music is being played on many radio stations such as KSER 90.7 FM, KSVR 91.7FM, Hip-hop Praise Show, Integrity radio, and many more!

She is also seeing radio spins in the United Kingdom and has had the privilege of opening up for big names like Bizzle.
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Blogger Reviews

Keasha kills it on the sweet ballad, “I’m Yours,” kicking off with the hook singing, “IM YOURS, IM YOURS, IM YOURS- ALL YOURS (2X)/AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME, NO/SAID NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME CAUSE…”       - Pass the Indie

"I remember listening to this on headphones and laying on the lawn at Volunteer Park, making shapes and figures from the wondrous clouds, and finding these narratives were speaking right to me."
-Crane City

 "She is very much about talking about social ills and wanting to find a way through but, while relying on her faith to provide the blueprint and the backbone of her decision-making, there is also a lot of empowering of the self and taking the step that are required for God the lend a helping hand." 
-Kel & Mel Reviews

"I look around the world and I see so many people grasping at so many different things,
hoping for a better life. I see women with identity issues chasing cosmetics and surgeries to make themselves feel better. I see young people chasing money because they believe money solves everything. I see men chasing power because they believe power gives them control. I see broken systems failing families and children every day."
- AVA Live Radio

"Keasha Beard proves to be a masterful storyteller with the inspirational “Soul Food”.  With an incredible sense of triumph, the album has a tremendous amount of positivity flow through it..."  -Beachsloth

"With witty delivery and an optimistic tone and relatable content in each song, Keasha is bound to make waves on the West Coast."   
-Respect My Region

"She now spreads colorful wings and flying toward the rays of sun as  warm the flame of Hope she ignites in the heart of her listeners. Not only does she convey Hope and positivity through her lyrics inspired of the Word of God. "
-Sound So Beautiful

"I thoroughly enjoyed the beat which was fun, light and catchy. It’s another song with great vocal performances while Keasha continues to display her skills. "